Be Kids for One Moment by RIGIDesign

Be Kids for One Moment by RIGIDesign ⇒ It is necessary for a designer to observe the lifestyle and needs of people and to sense the change of the trends. At the very beginning of kids moment project, RIGI did a number of researches of children fashion. Different from adult fashion, the fact is that the behaviour of children clothes shopping is controlled by parents. From this point of view, it could say the children fashion business is built on a kind of social relationship. Designer thus developed a keyword of this project, which is trust. The idea is delivering a clean, pure and joyful space, a trusting atmosphere. By increasing the display efficiency and controlling the materials and colour, create an attractive retail space with a home feeling.


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Credits: RIGIDesign


RIGI designed a member zone and kids experience zone strategically to increase the customers’ loyalty. The member could found children side-line products such as stationery at a reasonable price. And lots of interesting details are added to several corners, a height mark on the wall, and a blackboard paint wall for children doodling. All of these design details are results of designers’ thinking, which is how to build the connection between the brand and the customers.


Credits: RIGIDesign


Credits: RIGIDesign


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The scale of the fixture is tailored to fit both adults and children. Following the products’ category logic, several different spectacular space groups are formed by serial of the modularized fixture. The fixtures themselves are becoming a part of the space. At the same time, all of the hard edges are chamfered to protect children.


Credits: RIGIDesign


The designer tried to understand the world from the children’s perspective. Pure simple house shape is widely used on POP, fixtures and feature walls to suggest the concept of “home”. Because children are highly sensitive to number, the different single numbers are printed on several obvious places to enhance the spatial order of zoning. Material-wise, the designer chose common stuff such as felt, tile. The warm and gentle touch of timbers combining with naïve colour, designer composed a fairytale space for children.


Credits: RIGIDesign


In RIGI’s understanding, the visual elements are infectious. Illustrations are widely used in space. A serial of simple signs is easy for children to understand. Vision, fixtures and behaviours are well integrated with space. RIGI delivered an innovative experience to both the brand and the public.


Credits: RIGIDesign



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