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MOD Architecture’s Amazing Kindergarten Project in Weifang City

This incredible project is a significant piece of evidence that educational projects don’t have to be plain and boring. Designed and brought to life by MOD Architecture, a bureau based in Shanghai, this project is a complete sensorial experience to the children who in it study and learn. Through the conversion of different spaces between the tunnels, the various possibilities of interleaving the use of the early and late functions are fulfilled, and the stairs leading to the dream city are set up to reach the classrooms on different floors in the future. The dream-like scenes of the entire hall, what you see, feel, and think all form your own small world in the dream.





    Entering the children’s dream paradise through the dream tunnel, the fun horn creates this unique narrative space, provides a safe and comfortable place for children to play, and at the same time is a happy world for small friends, which can help children To spend their childhood healthy and happily, not only to learn knowledge but also to have a small contact with collective life. As the first station for children to learn, we hope that children will not only be able to harvest knowledge here but more importantly, plant a seed of dreams and stimulate fantasy.



    The colorful lens shape complements the ceiling lamps and lanterns, as a decorative element interspersed in every corner of the indoor space, and for the entire Dream Theater, it shows the stage that children dream of. Let the children explore freely and happily in their own world, immature and innocent, they will find their own way of growth.



    Light pink, blue, and light green, these fresh colours are harmoniously matched, appearing extra peaceful in the lively overall atmosphere. As a child, even a teenager, it is definitely a special feeling. A feeling of no worries and anxieties allows our children to have better education conditions and go to the beautiful campus they aspire to. Create a positive and lively scene.


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