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09, Jul 2021 | Lifestyle  

Easy Breezy Summer Home Decor Tips


Easy Breezy Summer Home Decor Tips

Guest Post by: Adrianne Hunk


Summer is very popular, for good reason! It’s a laid-back season with a casual undertone, nudging us to take it easy. In summer we are naturally more sociable and also entertain more in our homes. There is no better time to refresh your house! Want to make your home more light and airy? Summer is all about simple design. Changing a few details can completely renew the look of your home, bringing that happy summer feeling indoors. The decor tips below should spark some ideas and inspire you to do a summer makeover that will make you fall in love with your home all over again.


Bun Van Bed | A bedroom that welcomes Summer

Declutter to make space for summer

First things first, the old must go to create space for the new! Heavy curtains can be replaced with sheer curtains. Heavy bedding and throw pillows can be packed away to make space for lightweight pillows. Linen, with its cool and breathable feel, is a great fabric for summer. You can store away everything that you’re tired of and all the items with a more cozy, winter feel.

Flowers and greenery

Nothing can transform a room from winter to summer like fresh flowers and greenery. Fresh greenery can be cut from your garden and put in oversized glass vases for a modern look. For those who travel often, faux flowers and greenery might be a better option. Faux plants are low maintenance and always look good. These days you can barely notice the difference between the real deal and the beautiful faux creations that are available. Mixing faux and real plants is also a great option, giving you the best of both. House plants are a summer staple that adds life to a home. Fern and palm patterns can be incorporated in throw pillows and wallpaper. A dining room, for example, can be transformed just by adding a large mirror and some greenery.

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Boobo swing sofa_home

Booboo Swing Sofa with a beautiful floral wallpaper

Turn up the heat with accessories

Accessories go a long way in creating a summer mood. Add a few baskets, throw pillows, scented candles, and shells for a coastal feel. Candles with the scent of eucalyptus, grapefruit, lemon, or vanilla create a light, happy mood. A rattan chandelier is an inexpensive item that can have a big impact on a room and add casual style. Adding gold accessories and other metal accents can bring a bit of glitz to the room. Baskets, greenery, pillows, and strings of lights can also be added to a patio, especially since we entertain more in summer and want to create that welcoming feel. For there kitchen model, something as simple as citrus fruit in a bowl can create a lovely summer vibe.


Refresh with paint

For summer, the lighter the colors – the better! Paint is a sure way to create that airy, light feeling. For a beautiful canvas, repaint everything in white and add accents of cream and sandy colors through textiles and accessories. Light colors invite natural light in, which is exactly what we’re going for in summer. A neutral palette is always the best and simplest base to build from. You can always add accent colors if you want. Update old furniture by painting them in a light color. Going for a bolder look, repainting furniture in shades of green is a fun way to create a unique look.

kids bedroom_home

Kids Bedroom with blue light wall paint | Project by Britto Charette

Home office

We cannot overlook the importance of a home office these days, since working from home has become so common. Taking inspiration from interior design in coworking spaces in the city that you live in, so you’ll feel professional even when working from home. Coworking spaces have a look that’s crisp, modern, and chic, with loads of fresh air and perfect lighting. They often have hanging lights, accent walls, indoor plants, and unique furniture. Proper ventilation and office equipment are a must. Taking inspiration from these aesthetically pleasing spaces will inspire your productivity this summer.


home office

Home Office with Bubble Gum Desk & Bunny Chair

Even though we might not all be able to jet off to exotic locations this year, with current travel restrictions in place, we can still enjoy the best of summer living by making a few decorating decisions. The ideal summer house is both stylish and relaxing, so use these tips and turn your home into your summer sanctuary.


This post was brought to you by Adrianne Hunk


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