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07, May 2020 | Interior Design  

Meet Designs by Human, an Incredible Design Firm in USA

Meet Designs by Human, an Incredible Design Firm in USA


Joe Human, the principal designer and CEO of Designs by Human, isn’t your standard interior designer. Born and raised in the countryside of Idaho, Joe looked up to his father, who was a builder who created minimalist yet incredibly sophisticated abstract art pieces. With such a role model in his life, it was only natural Joe would develop a sharp creative instinct that would lead him to the interior design path.


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Joe’s attention to detail is unique in the industry, and his ability to mix and match patterns, textures and materials take him to a whole new level. For example, his Fort Greene Modern Scandinavian project is the perfect example of Human’s universe: strikingly beautiful simplicity with fun, modern and whimsical notes.



The Cloud Lamp



The Cloud Lamp has a RGB light and speakers. The sound system can be controlled by a mobile app that connects with the cloud lamp by bluetooth. You can choose the music you want to play in your smartphone. The app has also a sleep assistant. The light system can be controlled by a mobile app or with a remote control. You can choose the color, the intensity of the light and lighting effects.


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For Joe and the whole team at Designs by Human, the clients are the main inspiration source for creativity. It is with the client’s first wishes and desires that the team draws up the project with the end goal of creating a space that is both comfortable and able to reflect the clients’ personality and lifestyle.



The secret behind Design’s by Human’s success is the relationships the company creates with the various intervenients. Clients, vendors, contractors, friends and family, all of them have a space in the firm’s core. For them, there’s no such thing as a small project. What could be a small project today might turn into something huge the day after, like planting a tree. The seed is small and vulnerable, but with all the nurturing and care, the seed transforms into something monumental, just like the projects developed by Designs by Human.



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