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17, Jul 2020 | Interior Design  

LovMyB, a Kids Store Especially Thought Out for Moms

LovMyB, a Kids Store Especially Thought Out for Moms


LovMyB is much more than just a store, it’s a personal service. One which tends to offer the possibility of finding a unique object which will create surprise, enchantment but which will answer to concrete needs related to the age of the child or the baby. LovMyB is not only a story but it is an adventure, that of Pauline and Marion, two sisters who when they became mom saw their world transform through smaller eyes, certainly smaller, by the size, but larger by their depth, their spectre and above all their innocence.




LovMyB is a place where moms, who are women above anything else, share the epitome of what can be called “good plans”, informed of the latest news on lifestyle of design of luxury. The only goal here is to improve the daily lives, the ones of hero mums. These are tips from girls who are constantly looking for the coolest, trendiest, most daring and different because banality does not find its place on LovMyB.



On the brand’s website, you have a wide array of options and services that you can tailor to suit your needs, From baby shower and birth lists to trendy mood boards, inspiration is an ever-flowing fountain.



If we become a child for a moment on LovMyB it’s because we too love to return to these sensations that have made the first fruits of our encounter with the world and childhood the most beautiful state of life and of innocence: wonder, discovery, enchantment, bursts of effusive laughter and the five interacting senses.



Whether you’re a poet mom, a flirtatious mom, a tired mom, an exhausted mom, a hug mom, a mom in shoes, a rocky mom, a biker mom, a dreamy mom, a mom in the air, a mother mom who needs air, an owl mom, a mom in sneakers, a fighting mom, an active mom, on LovMyB you are a Hero Mom.



All credits to LovMyB


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