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17, Feb 2021 | Interior Design  

Kids Bedroom Furniture – These New Beds are a Must

Kids Bedroom Furniture – These New Beds are a Must


Discover The Essentials For Your Kids Bedroom: Brought to us by CIRCU! What did your room look like when you were a kid? We’re guessing not precisely like these colourful, creative, and undeniably cool spaces. The bedrooms of these uber stylish children are lessons injudicious editing, inspired ideas, and damn good taste. Looking for something more specific? How about the new Dino and Tristen Beds?



Tristen Bed


Inspired by the movie Atlantics, this one of a kind bed was made to shape comfort and to keep your little one’s dreams safe and sound while he/she travels through their imagination at night.


Made with the finest materials such as wood and soft velvet, the Tristen Bed is a kingdom ready to take a place in your bedroom project and your kid’s life.


Dino Bed



The Dino Bed was inspired by Dino, the adored mascot from the acclaimed TV Show The Flinstones. This bed has got a unique shape and a design that was made to create a safe place for the little ones to rest and feel love and secure during the nighttime.



Made with wood and velvet, the Dino Bed is the perfect piece for any bedroom project and promises to take care of children like a true member of the family.


The most magical kids furniture catalogue ever


The playground of every childs dream
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