The Best Rocking Horses To Inspire Your Kids Playroom Decor

Check our selection of the most fashionable awesome children’s rocking horses you will love. Rocking horses are one of the first toys babies get and their imagination is able to fly and have fun. Circu fell in love with those, so we had to share it with you.




A simple stylish design with a horse like resembled structure, metallic bars and leather seating and handlebar. A very modern look in such a classic piece.



Another minimalist metal rocking horse, the body comes in different colours. This minimalist design blends in with modern materials.


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A very common rocking horse except the body was switched for a chair. These simple lines in white and natural wood suits perfectly in a Scandinavian bedroom style.



This awesome futuristic rocking horse is absolutely incredible. Made of transparent plastic and coming in different colours, every kid will definitely want one.


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