The Most Original Playgrounds Worldwide

Circu searched for places in the world where kids’ playtime is taken to another level of fun and discovered the most original playgrounds worldwide. Vertiginous slides and bouncing surfaces can really entertain a kid for hours, even the parents will want to step in these playgrounds and have some fun with the little ones! Take a look!

Swarovski Crystal Worlds – Austria

A four-story play tower that features a trampoline, rope swings, a 45-foot-tall climbing net, and slides inside the Swarovski Museum.

New York Hall of Science – United States

Designed to let kids explore motion, balance and simple machines. It features waterworks, a giant spider web and a giant seesaw

Zip World – United Kingdom

An underground playground that features giant trampolines made of bouncy nets connected by walkways and slides.

St. Louis’ City Museum – United States

A playhouse museum consisted in large and exagerated architectural and industrial elements. Its a must-see when it comes to original playgrounds since it has won local and international awards.

Takino Suzuran National Park Playground – Japan

This unique playground is entirely made in crocheted artwork and turned into colorful sculptural elements for kids to play around.

Lake Macquarie Variety Playground – Australia

This inclusive playground is designed for children of all abilities, including visually impaired and wheelchair-bound kids. Featuring a 40-foot climbing tower, a 30-foot spiral slide, a zipline, wheelchair-accessible swings and a play boat, musical play equipment, and more.

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