Playtime: Meet Kano’s Harry Potter Coding Kit for Kids

Playtime: Meet Kano’s Harry Potter Coding Kit for Kids ⇒ DIY computing kit maker kano has unveiled today a partnership with Warner Bros, launching a new coding kit featuring a ‘build-it-yourself’ wireless wand. the device pairs up with a harry potter coding app via a mac, PC, iPad or Android tablet.


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Much like such competing coding toys as the Ozobot Evo and Robotics Engineer Barbie, Kano’s app uses digital blocks to help children string together commands that can be used to take on the 70 included coding challenges before taking the skills on to create whatever special effects they like with the app. (Unfortunately, you won’t actually be making feathers fly with a wave of your wand, but you can make them do so on an iPad.)


With the coding app, users can unlock more than 70 challenges from across harry potter’s world, which has been designed to teach the basics of programming. in familiar locations like Hogsmeade, Diagon Alley, the forbidden forest and, of course, Hogwarts challenges such as flinging Bertie bott’s every-flavour jelly beans into the air, or immobilizing the Cornish pixies, are dictated by a corresponding javascript.



The wand connects to an online platform, called kano world, where users can share work and view other people’s. The app also lets you download, inspect and freely edit community spells.



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