Circu Made a Magical Appearance on Luxe TV And You Have to See it

Last week, Luxe TV made a unique coverage celebrating Circu’s magical universe. The luxury tv channel took an interest in Circu Magical Furniture at Isaloni 2018.  This remarkable tv entity highlights the best Circu has: unique designs, excellent craftsmanship and luxurious details. It was an honour for the brand to be featured in Luxe TV, but, as we all know, this doesn’t happen by pure chance. Luxe TV features only the utmost luxurious and high-quality products, which was a true celebration of Circu’s work the past few years. Beside Isaloni, the piece featured the brand’s most iconic pieces, like the Rocky Rocket and the Bun Van. Watch the video below!



LUXE TV was started by Jean Stock and his son Jean-Baptiste in June 2006. Jean Stock is known in the media industry as co-founder of French leading private channel M6, his early work with RTL Radio and RTL Télé Luxembourg, his position as general secretary of the European Broadcasting Union and his time as Chairman and CEO of international French-speaking channel TV5MONDE. LUXE TV HD was one of the first HD channels in Europe, Middle East and Asia.



As of July 2011, Luxe.TV is available in 107 countries around the world. 92 million homes have a direct access to the channel (6 million in France, 1,8 million in South Korea and 1,3 million in Portugal). It is distributed by fibre optics, many cable operators in Europe, Middle East and Asia, DTTV channel 7 in Luxembourg and by satellite on Eutelsat’s EB-9A (Ku-band), on Arabsat Badr-6 (Ku-band), and on AsiaSat 5 (C-band).



CIRCU’s vision is focused on being part of the child’s world, being present in the most ambitious, luxurious and charming decoration projects and interiors for children.



CIRCU’s world is a world full of magic and fantasy, A world where children’s dreams turn into reality! CIRCU wants to create spaces where children fall asleep playing, surrounded by life and joy. The brand wants to create moments they’ll remember and unique experiences where our pieces will be a link between the real world and childhood dreams.


Check Out Luxe TV Video Coverage!



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