Themed Decoration For Kids Rooms: How To Create a Dreamy Bedroom Decor

Inspired by the adventurous tale of Phileas Fogg, this themed decoration for kids rooms create a playful environment that triggers children’s curiosity and creativity.

Invoke the romantic and whimsical ambiance of a hot air balloon ride in the children’s room by using themed furniture and decoration elements that capture that fantastic feeling.

By using a hot air balloon shaped bed as a statement piece in the decor, the room will have a more lively and exclusive look, especially if it has a light and sound system incorporated that is useful for fun and educational activities.

The lighting of the decor needs to follow the dreamy atmosphere created by the Fantasy Air Balloon bed and the cloud shaped lamps with a cotton-like texture are the best option for that. With a remotely controlled sound system and color changing RGB light, it’s easy to create a calm atmosphere for the bedtime.

Storage is one of the most important elements of a kids’ room decor. It’s always a challenge to find storage solutions that help to organize kids’ precious goods and are also playful and attractive for them. With storage solutions inspired by vintage suitcases with exclusive details, the glamor of the decor is bolstered at the same time as it is reinforced the connection between children and exploring.

Now you have all the furnishing and decor ideas to bring the sweetness and naivety of dreams into a themed decoration for kids rooms.



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