Maison et Objet 2019 – 5 Kids Brands To Get to Know at the Show

Maison et Objet 2019 – 5 Kids Brands To Get to Know at the Show – From January 18th to the 22nd, Paris will be the centre of the universe for design professionals and design lovers. That’s because during these days the “crème de la crème” of the interior design industry will be attending to Maison et Objet Paris. Thus, we have picked 5 of the most incredible luxury brands for kids that will be present at Maison et Objet 201. Check them out!



Sabo Concept



“Simply couldn’t be better” – because it is true! SABO CONCEPT brand was launched by a married couple. She is a designer, he has a passion for wood crafting. Their talents were combined and developed into beauty, the functionality of shapes and lines. The brand possesses an important moral dimension, stands for environmentally friendly and high-quality production, discarding plastic and other unfavourable materials, remembering that our main consumers are children.





IN2WOOD creates high-quality Belgian designs that may seem simple, but are the product of a great deal of thought and professional expertise.


Suede Import



Behind the Sweden Import Company, hides Franco-Swedish Nathalie; a discreet, humble, and always moving woman. Her Swedish roots, her childhood in nature, are a perpetual source of inspiration and his interest in the environment is innate. These distribution choices, her creations reconnect her with her roots and her family heritage.





As CROCODILY kid’s architects, they design safe, functional and fun products recreating children’s individual worlds in their living spaces. They have been designing since 2009 to help embellish children’s limitless imagination, remembering that every child has a unique world.





PUSHER is not only a brand, but it’s a real lifestyle. Its particular name shows the desire to provoke and amaze. PUSHER was born by the intuition and passion of the founder Fabio Alessi. Since 2000, PUSHER brings on the market unique, irreverent and functional items that can make daily life lighter and funnier.


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