The Coolest Children Playhouses to Inspire Yours!

Tea parties have come to a different level. Children Playhouses sure bring a nice décor to your garden and kids surely will be super happy to have a play spot. Bring the kids’ fantasy world to the outdoors and be inspired by these children playhouses.




This is a Japanese Lantern inspired treehouse, for a modern backyard. Kids will want to explore this magnificent fortress and use their imagination to the best afternoons of their lives.



This castle is worth of a little warrior looking for fun in the backyard. It features a slide and it has a watchtower that will offer the most epic and playful battles ever fought.



Little pirates will conquer a lot of backyards and explore the great outdoors on board this cool playhouse. This boat actually is fitted for 3 or 4 adults, in case parents will want to join the fun too.



Because fantasy has no boundaries, this fantastic enchanted playhouse features not only a slide but also a swing. The two-story playhouse also adds a balcony to the most magical playhouse we’ve ever seen.



This adorable playhouse will surely host the cutest tea parties ever! A vintage cottage with a lovely pastel decor will make any girl burst with joy.


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