Maison et Objet 2019 Highlights the Renaissance of Portuguese Design

Maison et Objet 2019 Highlights the Renaissance of Portuguese Design ⇒ Portugal is in the midst of a design revolution. Its diverse craftsmanship and rich artisanal traditions give birth to sumptuous creations in noble natural materials, complemented by a flair for the flamboyant and exotic. The spirit of infinite possibility is matched by a reputation for flawless production quality, resulting in incredibly designed luxury piecesMaison et Objet 2019 celebrated Portuguese design and craftsmanship by highlighting some of the pieces by Portuguese brands that will be showcasing at the esteemed fair. Today, we share you with some of the best Portuguese design there is.



Flam at Luce – Helio Lamp



FLAM ET LUCE gives you a unique collection of lamps and accessories for all styles. With two collections per year, launched during the Maison & Objet in January and September, the brand provides clients with a wide range of products meeting different styles and combining several materials with high-quality production standards.

Location: Hall 6 — Stands E146 – F145


WEWOOD – Contador Sideboard



A timeless piece inspired by traditional Portuguese furniture which original purpose was to provide practical storage space for dining rooms and offices. As a tribute to the Portuguese counters, Contador is composed of drawers of different dimensions what makes it the perfect organizer for different uses and spaces. Crafted in solid wood as the pieces that inspired it, Contador was made to last a lifetime.

Location: Hall 6 — Stands J26 – K25


Circu – Kings & Queens Castle Bed



Whether in the role of a King or Prince or in the role of a Queen or Princess, King’s and Queen’s Castle will delight any child in love with story tails. This romantic fantasy item is perfect for kids to live a real fairytale with a happy ending. With an inspiring design, the intention is making sleepy times increasingly wanted by little princes and princesses. Made entirely by hand with noble materials of great quality, it follows a modular system, being easy to assemble. The structure is built in wood, lacquered in glossy white, brass, details in synthetic leather and gold plated finishes.

Location: Hall 8 – Stand C20


Luxxu Home – Crown Mirror



Crown is a gold round mirror that represents a living tribute to art and craftsmanship. A breathtaking combination between gold-plated brass detailing and black smoked glass made in an elegant circular structure. It features thick decorative golden lines that embrace and emphasize its features as an antique round mirror, while at the same time breaking creative boundaries.

Location: Hall 8 – Stand C85


Hamilton Conte – Hamilton Armchair



Hamilton Conte presents the Nico chair, a simple and elegant lounge chair with solid wood structure & 40kgs seating foam.

Location – Hall 7 – Stand A8-B7


Boca do Lobo – Lapiaz Console



Resembling a freshly cracked stone, the Lapiaz Console celebrates the world’s treasures, which are revealed to a select few. Drawing inspiration from Boca do Lobo’s emblematic Lapiaz line, this modern console suits a variety of environments thanks to its graceful form. Finding balance in terms of shape, and materials, the Lapiaz Console breathes sophistication and delicacy, maintaining a light presence.

Location: Hall 8 – Stand C3


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