Looking For Inspiration? Then Check Out These Super Cool Kids Beds!

Time to redecorate your kids’ bedroom but you can’t find that much-needed inspiration? Well, let’s go step by step. Probably the most important aspect in any bedroom is the bed. It is the element that brings together everything in the space, and probably the spot where your child will hang out the most. Thus being said, today we bring you some super cool kids beds to inspire you on your project. Check them out!




Seller HammerTree offers only the digital plans, not the bed itself, so you’ll need some DIY skills to make it a reality for your toddler, but commenters share that the plans are “good and easy to follow.”


But if you’re more of a “buy” vs. “DIY” kind of person, then we suggest checking out the handmade beds crafted by European furniture artisans Lifetime and Mathy-by-Bols, available on British website Cuckooland.com (a Circu’s partner). Whether it’s in the form of a treehouse with a rope ladder, a tent, a space ship, or a camper trailer, these incredibly cool beds have us wishing we were children again (or, at least, that the beds came in grown-up versions).



The Teepee Tent has a playful design influenced by the Disney princess Pocahontas and her free-spirited and highly spiritual personality. Kids will be drawn to this room because of the sense of adventure that it inspires.

Constructed from a solid oak veneer, both on the base, bed, and storage, it is then supported by a 5-pole structure with a covering in synthetic leather, with peach skin texture.



The Sky One Plane is an airplane themed kids bed with a playful design that it’s both didactic and fun. An airplane inspired decoration for kids’ rooms is perfect to encourage the little explorers to develop their creativity. This airplane shaped kids bed is inspired by the Disney movie “Planes” character Skipper, an iconic Navy Corsair aircraft, providing this way both a modern and vintage motif to the bed.

The body is entirely made of fiberglass with glossy varnish applied and chrome plated finishes in the engine and wheels. The decorative suitcases include secret storage compartments and allow an easy access to the bed. The Sky One Plane makes the crib-to-bed transition as painless as possible.



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