Johannes Torpe Studios Open an Amazing Cycling Showroom in Denmark

Johannes Torpe Studios Open an Amazing Cycling Showroom in Denmark – The United Cycling Lab and store inLyngee, Denmark, designed by Johannes Torpe draws its inspiration from the detailed engineering of carbon fiber bicycles. The architecture follows a tight grid system that is introduced throughout the building and is perhaps most noticeable in the interior. This choice pays tribute to the precision of the products and ensures a modular and scalable retail solution for a global rollout.


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Concrete floors, bright white walls, custom built illuminated product display furniture and 6-meter high ceiling with white luminous panels make the impressive framework of the showroom. one wall is a customized illuminated display for eight bikes and, suspended from the ceiling, are five pantographs that elegantly display a selection of bicycle prototypes. With the click of a button, they can be lowered down for inspection by the customer.



The south wall separates the showroom from the product gallery and is covered in perforated raw steel plates with a brass mesh attached to the backside. Through the perforation, one can sense the inviting and cosy space of the product gallery. Here customers can find top-tier equipment and spare parts elegantly presented on customized oak display units. Moving from the cosy wooden nest of the gallery into the grandiose, white and almost sterile showroom is a transition that displays the contrasts between nature and science, simultaneously combining the world of men with machines. it is a transition from low to the high ceiling and from darkness into light.



Johannes Torpe’s showroom is designed to elevate the bicycles and display their sovereignty — it is a chapel for bicycles. The combination of precision and the very technical products on display creates a clinical yet ethereal atmosphere – almost like entering a sci-fi laboratory.




Photo CreditAlastair Philip Wiper

Source: Johannes Torpe Studios


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