Back-to-School 2017 Trends: Kids’ Desk Space Ideas To Keep in Mind

With the beginning of the new school year, you surely must be looking for kids’ desk space ideas to freshen the decor.

It’s important to create a home space which is dedicated to kids’ learning activities so that they can feel comfortable and inspired when they are committed to their homework. Take a look at this unique selection of kids’ desk space ideas to get you started!

Aviation-themed Desk Space

If you like to be bold when it comes to the kids’ room decoration, you can consider applying the airplane theme to the kids’ desk space. To create such a playful ambiance a plane-shaped desk is the perfect choice to make homework a more exciting task.


Convertible Kids’ Desk

Convertible kids’ furniture is often used to keep up with their growth and different activities that are embraced in a certain period of their lifes. This concept is also applied to the study area, using desks that can be converted into bookcases or chests to allow extra storage and different functions.

Loft Bed With Desk

A solution that surely will make bedtime more fun! These loft beds with desk combined provide a pretty, practical and charming solution for the kids’ rooms study area.

Floating Kids’ Desk

This minimalist work space was created to take advantage of the room architectural features. Using a floating desk is an ingenious and trendy idea to create a study area in a small space.

Kids’ Desk Space for Two

If you’ve got to design a study space to be used by two at the same time, one of the tricks you can use is to have a long desk that can be shared and used by both kids at the same time.

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