DOMANI Amazes With An Amazing Teen Streetwear Store in China

DOMANI Amazes With An Amazing Teen Streetwear Store in China  – Established in 2010, ROARINGWILD focuses on the in-depth conception of details, creates a great product system with flexible design and expresses products in multiple dimensions. It is a streetwear brand based on URBAN STREET style. At the same time, it is also a platform dedicated to the creation and dissemination of local youth culture in the fields of life, art and music. The brand is more like a forerunner, adhering to the life philosophy of street culture, and encouraging young people to express their own opinions through the attitude of ‘ROAR’. We consider the social issues from dialectical perspectives. The clothing is regarded as a carrier to create the life attitude belongs to the new generation.


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DOMANI Amazes With An Amazing Teen Streetwear Store in China


On-site at the Roaringwild store in Shenzhen, China, by Domani Architectural Concepts, steel plates were cut with angle grinders. Photography courtesy of Roaringwild.


DOMANI Amazes With An Amazing Teen Streetwear Store in China


A very futuristic geometric sense of the interior filled with red and black hitting the tone, red symbolizes passion and explosive while black is distributed calm and restrained gas field. The perceptual blood grows in the rational enclosure, and the two colours are balanced in the confrontation.



A black paint wall, when closed it can be used as a commodity display, or as a projection wall, open to expanding space and more content. The grey cement material cashier is located at the bottom of the red device. It seems quiet in the warm atmosphere of the red and black main colours.



As a country trend pioneer, ROARINGWILD has never been so simple as “making clothes”. As a carrier, it conveys the fearless dream-driven attitude, which is the brand’s real intention.



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